What if my child will not where the headphones?

From my experience most children adapt to wearing the headphones after a few days. Most kids really enjoy listening to the music and are often disappointed when the session is over. Patience and persistence are keys to success.

How long will it take to notice any changes?

Each child is different. We ask that you keep a daily log of behavior to help you track changes. Some children show changes right away, some do not show changes until the month integration break.

Can my child (or I) ride in the car with the headphones on?

No, this is not permitted during the program.

Can my child (or I) eat while listening?

No, this is not permitted nor is chewing gum. The bone conductor will not work properly if the bones in the jaw are moving.

What can my child (or I) do while listening for 2 hours?

It is best if creative projects are done such as drawing, painting, puzzles, games (no video games, no t.v., no reading, no electronics) light movement, knitting, sewing, cooking, cleaning, crosswords, etc.

Can my child (or I) read?

No, it is best not to read during this time.

Can my child (or I) sleep while listening?

Often children fall asleep while listening, but it is best that they remain awake because the bone conductor will slip off the head and not be effective.