Journey of Hope


My journey began four years ago when my son was born. My husband and I noticed very early on that he had problems with sleeping and eating, but we assumed he was colicky. As he grew, new challenges arose; intolerance to certain clothing, teeth brushing, hair brushing, dirty or sticky hands, wind, bright light, loud sounds, cold, smells, and most tastes and textures.  Well-meaning friends and family tried to assure us that he was fine or “finicky” but my maternal instincts said otherwise. Deep down, I knew there were serious problems only I could see. Play dates with other children only magnified the differences between my son and peers his same age. It became more and more apparent that my child was “different”. I would get this sinking feeling in my stomach when I saw other children doing and saying things my son could not. Each day, I watched for signs of improvement or growth and saw none. I feared for my son’s future. As a first time mom, I was ill-prepared to deal with my son’s problems and felt alone in finding solutions for those problems. Instead of watching him grow up like “normal” kids, my life was fraught with anxiety over how to help him and the right time to do it. This lead me to wonder whether waiting to get him help would be the biggest mistake of my life…so I chose to be proactive. Before he turned three, we had our son evaluated at a speech therapy center where he was officially diagnosed with having Speech Delay, Articulation Disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Although it was comforting to have my maternal instincts validated, I knew we would need to invest a vast amount of time, effort and money to get him back on track. So we enlisted the help of both a speech and occupational therapist. With their help, our son’s progress was slow but steady over the next year. We then enrolled him in a SDC (special day class) preschool with supportive teachers and saw additional growth; he was potty-trained and his sentences grew from one or two words to three or four. At this point, my husband and I were feeling confident about our son’s accomplishments…until we received his progress report at the end of the year. He was marked as severely delayed and below average in almost every area.  We were devastated. It was now hard to fight doubts that my child might be on the autism spectrum. We now had an urgent need to find our son additional, effective, affordable help. In search of answers, I began doing massive amounts of research on all current learning-related therapies geared towards children, which led me to the Tomatis® Method. After extensive research on the Tomatis® Method, I felt myself hope for the first time and felt this was the right course of action for my son.  Unfortunately, there were no Tomatis® practitioners in our area, so I went with my gut and decided to earn certification as aTomatis® practitioner myself. Never could I have known, the POSITIVE impact that decision would make on our lives! I began using the Tomatis® method on my son the day after my training. The results have been amazing! After training for only four months, our son has showed dramatic changes in growth and behavior:

  • He no longer grinds his teeth at night
  • His sentences have increased in words and length
  • He now shows consideration and compassion towards others
  • He initiates affection with people other than me   
  • He has developed a sense of humor
  • He speaks in a more conversational manner
  • He enjoys looking at books
  • He knows the entire alphabet and all the sounds the letters make
  • He can count to twenty
  • He can answer “why” questions
  • He is happier, less frustrated and more comfortable in his surroundings

We are overjoyed with the results The Tomatis® Method has made in our son. It is now hard not to get excited about what’s to come with future listening therapy sessions!