What Is The Tomatis Method?

The Tomatis® Method is a non-invasive listening therapy developed by Alfred A. Tomatis. Music is transmitted through the Talks Up device to create changes in its tone, resonance, and intensity. These changes stimulate the muscles of the inner ear and the brain. The brain is unable to become accustomed to these changes. This inability to predict how the music will change creates a natural process of auditory attention and focus. Through repeated use, the brain's ability to focus and filter unwanted stimuli becomes stronger, thus strengthening listening abilities.


The Tomatis® Method utilizes a musical blend of Mozart and Gregorian chant. This music  is played through special headphones equipped with a bone conductor, the top of which touches and vibrates the skull. This vibration allows the brain to receive the music through bone conduction a split second before the ears receive the music through air conduction. This prepares the auditory system to receive the music before it reaches the ear. This specialized approach enables the brain and auditory system to better analyze and decode incoming auditory information.



The Talks Up is a portable device which is convenient for families with busy lives or who live anywhere in the world. It can be delivered, picked up, or shipped to you at your convenience and will be pre-programmed for your specific needs. While written instructions come with the device, personal one-on-one care will be provided on how to use the equipment for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area. For those out of the area, Zoom meetings are also available. Each intensive listening session requires two hours a day of listening for thirteen days.